Assistant Treasury Accountant for CSG Finance

The case study outlines the successful recruitment of an Assistant Treasury Accountant for CSG Finance, showcasing the challenges faced by recruiting for a niche role and the positive outcomes achieved by Louise Theobald.



CSG Finance engaged us, along with its internal Talent Team and other agencies, to fulfil their recruitment needs. The collaboration aimed to leverage diverse sourcing methods, including job boards, LinkedIn, and word of mouth, with the goal of building lasting relationships for future collaborations.


The recruitment of an Assistant Treasury Accountant, a niche role, posed a significant challenge in finding the right candidate within the client's budget.

Actions and Solutions

To address this challenge, our consultant Louise Theobald, actively participated throughout the recruitment process. The role was advertised across various platforms, including job boards (CV Library, Jobs in Kent, Total Jobs), the internal website, LinkedIn, and Facebook. Both the internal Talent Team and our team worked collaboratively on this unique recruitment.


Close communication with the client, including regular updates and suggestions for refining the job description, proved instrumental in streamlining the process. Despite the niche nature of the role, four CVs were presented to the client, resulting in one rejection and three candidates progressing to interviews. Ultimately, one candidate received an offer and successfully filled the position. The entire process, from initiation to placement, spanned three months, and the candidate remains with CSG Finance.

"This has been a difficult role to recruit for, it was with multiple people both internally and externally, but I felt that it was only you that took the time and trouble to fully understand the requirements of the role and understand the person which Treasury was looking for, and matching candidate skills/experience to those requirements, and taking the extra effort to maximise CV responses by adapting via the different channels that you was using."

Client Testimonial – CSG Finance