We collaborate with a diverse array of outstanding organisations and clients, dealing with a spectrum of demands. Our consultants, who work with clients across the UK, are dedicated to comprehending the requirements of hiring executives and delivering bespoke recruitment strategies finely tuned to their goals.

Explore our collection of case studies below to discover how we've successfully identified top-tier professionals, aligning them seamlessly with the distinctive business needs of our esteemed clients.

People and Business Partner - Kent Air Ambulance

The case study details the successful recruitment of a People and Business Partner within the not-for-profit sector for our client, Kent Air Ambulance. The engagement involved overcoming challenges in identifying the right candidate for a crucial role, ultimately resulting in a positive outcome and client satisfaction.

Service Director - Luton Borough Council

CSG was tasked by Luton Borough Council to recruit a Service Director for Citizen Engagement and Legal Services. CSG conducted a thorough assessment centre and interview process, leading to Member presentations and interviews, ultimately resulting in the appointment of a high-calibre candidate.

Interim Programme Manager - Solihull Council

This case study showcases the successful recruitment of an Interim Programme Manager for Solihull Council, focusing on the challenges faced, strategic actions taken, and the outcomes achieved by Managing Consultant, Lauren O’Brien.