People and Business Partner Recruitment for Kent Air Ambulance

The case study details the successful recruitment of a People and Business Partner within the not-for-profit sector for our client, Kent Air Ambulance. The engagement involved overcoming challenges in identifying the right candidate for a crucial role, ultimately resulting in a positive outcome and client satisfaction.



Our client, Kent Air Ambulance, a not-for-profit organisation operating in the Rochester & Redhill area, approached us for assistance in filling a critical vacancy. Facing difficulties in locating a suitable candidate, the organisation expressed a long-term interest in collaboration, extending beyond recruitment to include donations and volunteer engagement.


The challenging nature of the role, coupled with specific skill set requirements, budget constraints, and geographical considerations, posed hurdles in the recruitment process.

Actions and Solutions

To address these challenges, the focus shifted to a targeted approach, employing headhunting strategies. Lewis Triplow, our Consultant, initiated outreach efforts through LinkedIn Recruiter, resulting in 47 in-mails sent and 21 responses. Additionally, nine candidates were identified from CV library and REED. The job advert was placed on six platforms, yielding a total of 10 applications. From these, four interviews were conducted, with one candidate accepting the offer and remaining in the role.

Despite initial scepticism due to past experiences with recruitment agencies, Kent Air Ambulance chose us to test the waters, leading to a successful collaboration.


The recruitment process demonstrated efficiency, with the first CV sent the next working day and a total of 10 CVs sent over two weeks. The successful candidate not only met but exceeded the client's expectations, possessing a CIPD Level 7 qualification and 18 years of HR experience. The candidate accepted the offer within 20 days from the initial instruction, commencing the role on the 4th of the following month.

Client and candidate testimonials further underscored the success of the collaboration. The client expressed satisfaction with Connect2's proactive and insightful approach, leading to the appointment of a candidate who has proven to be a great success. The candidate praised Lewis Triplow for facilitating the acquisition of their dream job, acknowledging his professionalism and support throughout the recruitment process.

“Our first experience with CSG was very positive, unlike many similar firms. Lewis worked closely with the recruiter to identify the core attributes of the role and then provided regular introductions to a stream of credible candidates, each time learning from feedback and refining the profile required. Happy to make our first appointment which has proved a great success.”
“I can't thank your consultant Lewis Triplow enough for finding my dream job! Lewis was proactive in matching my application to the vacancy, he was very knowledgeable about the organisation and role requirements, which helped me prepare for my interviews. Lewis has been very professional at all times, especially with the arrangements for interviews, keeping me updated with feedback and finally with the negotiations of the offer of employment. Thank you Lewis.”

Client Testimonial – Kent Air Ambulance

Candidate Testimonial for Kent Air Ambulance